29 . 03 . 2014
19 . 03 . 2014
Hey there :D Is 'Soredemo Yasashii Koi wo Suru' Yoneda sensei latest work? I haven't hear about that before, that's why..

Yes and no, it’s actually the title of the tankoubon that will include the four doujinshi she self-published some years ago (9hours after, 10hours after, the world in colors 1, and the world in colors 2), plus the oneshot she released some months ago “yasashii uso” (released by Dangerous Pleasure I believe).

17 . 03 . 2014

Cover of Ihr HertZ May issue 2014 to come out on 28 March.
If you reserve order the magazine from Comi-comi studio,  you will get an illustration card of the cover by Yoneda Kou.
Reservation can be made from website below:
AAHHH!! want this card so badly! maybe I should by ihr HertZ just for this card?! and it was Misumi and Hirata! Does give a whole different feel from the partial view.. Judo boy Doumeki probably never dreamed, that when he grow up, he will be among the scary looking guys, and will be protecting the guy with the bandage … so my obsession is starting to tick again!
16 . 03 . 2014
"Twittering Birds Never Fly" is Yoneda-sensei's official english title to Saezuru right? Not trying to be nosy or anything but I feel like chirping would be much better than twittering. Cause now all I can imagine is a story full of yakuza guys who can't stop tweeting / checking their twitter. OTL

Ahahah, yeah, it’s the official name ! I’m not totally sure, but I think it’s one of her follower on twitter that suggested her this translation for “saezuru” and she kept it. Then again, I’m not totally sure about it. But yeah… Twittering is so wrong… And the worst is that they use this english title for any language release apparently. 

So yeah, yakuza twitting about their daily life. 

1 month ago

"Cover(of Soredemo Yasashii Koi wo Suru) Trains and stations are items used often.”
from Yoneda Sensei’s twitter 16 March 2014.
13 . 03 . 2014

Cover design for Soredemo Yasashii Koiwosuru, the spin-off Tankobon of Doushitemo Furetakunai. 
IC card sticker with design will be the gift with purchase at Toranoana book store or mail order. (that’s why there is the huge SAMPLE and NOT FOR SALE on the pic)
In this pic, Onoda is a natural, as expected, and Deguchi is so cute! Can’t wait to read the Tankobon, especially the new 49 page story!! starving for Yoneda sensei’s new work!  ^^
17 . 01 . 2014

Viva Yoneda Kou image